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Sultan Sancar'ın türbesi

The Mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar is located in the center of the settlement Sultan Gala, close to Mary. The grand tomb was built in the 40s of the XII century, together with the mosque and the palace of the Seljuk Sultan Sanjar.


Dehistan - is an ancient city located in Misrian Valley. Now it is a lonely place with a lot of architectural monuments of history, and once it was a prosperous city with developed infrastructure.


It is 90 km from the village Erbent. The diameter of the crater is about 60 meters, the depth of about 20 meters.

Eski Nisa

The ruins of the Parthian fortress "Old Nisa" located in the southern part of Turkmenistan, 18 kilometers west of the center of Ashgabat, near the settlement Bagir. Ruins included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.