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"Türkmenistan" Türkmenistan'ın Devlet Ticaret Bankası

SCBT "Turkmenistan" - a state bank national scale. The Bank provides the formation of economic policy and the impact on macroeconomic processes in the country, is implementing cost-effective public development programs. Much of the Bank's branch network and the use of advanced technologies designed to ensure the availability of the Bank anywhere in the country.

Türkmen Türk Ticaret Bankası

Türkmen Türk Ticaret Bankası, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti ile Türkmenistan arasında 2 Mayıs 1992 tarihinde imzalanan devletlerarası anlaşma sonucu alınan karar ile 31.03.1993 tarihinde T.C. Ziraat Bankası A.Ş. ile Türkmenistan’ın Agrosenagat Bankası (şimdiki adı “Dayhanbank” Devlet Ticaret Bankası) tarafından % 50-%50 ortaklık esasında kurulmuş ve 21.09.1993 tarihinde fiilen faaliyetine başlamıştır.

Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Rysgal"

Register and obtain a license at the end of 2011, the bank was founded by entrepreneurs, not only for profit, and the multiplication property to its shareholders, but also to facilitate the establishment of the financial market and banking system of Turkmenistan, best meet the needs and demands of shareholders and customers of the Bank through providing them with a wide range of banking services.

Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan "Prezidentbank"

The bank was created in an age when Turkmenistan raised its prestige in the world as a state with the status of permanent neutrality, as well as a diversified economy is booming. In accordance with the presidential decree number 6843 on August 18, 2004, bank, office building which is located at Building 12, str. 1995 Ashgabat, started his banking activities with the loan to buy apartments in new homes being built in Ashgabat, with a term of 15 years, with an annual interest of 3% and a grace period of 5 years for the payment of principal.