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Türkmenistan'ın Maliye Bakanlığı

Ministry of Finance of Turkmenistan - State executive authorities of Turkmenistan, which provides the unified state financial, budgetary, tax, insurance policies, Auditing, accounting and financial reporting, and coordinates activities in this area other central bodies of executive power.

Türkmenistan'ın Bilimler Akademisi

Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is a state organization engaged in work to ensure a unified scientific and technical policy in the country to accelerate the widespread introduction into the life of the latest achievements of science in the development of comprehensive and continuous and effective implementation of government programs of scientific and technological development.

Türkmenistan'ın Doğa Koruma Bakanlığı

Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan is a specially authorized state body carrying out state policy and control in the sphere of protection and rational use of natural resources, including forest fund, and coordinating activities in the field of other bodies.

Türkmenistan'ın Devlet Gümrük Servisi

State Customs Service of Turkmenistan is a national administrative authority responsible for state policy in the field of regulation of the activity of the customs system of Turkmenistan in ensuring compliance with international commitments of Turkmenistan on customs issues, as well as involved in the fight against smuggling and other crimes, administrative violations in its activities.