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Badkhyz nature reserve

Badkhyz state nature reserve is located in the central part of the extensive Badkhyz Hillside, is the northern part of the foothills Paropamiz and included in the Hindukush mountain system. The west area is restricted Tedjen river, in the east - by rivers Kushka and Murghab, in the north gradually moving in the Karakum Desert.

Kaplankyr nature reserve

Kaplankyr State Nature Reserve is located in the south-eastern outskirts of Urt, in the contact area with Zauzboyskogo area with Zaunguz Karakum and occupies most of the plateau Kaplankyr. With a variety of primitive types and anthropogenic landscapes nature reserve is a benchmark Northern Turkmenistan.

Kopetdag nature reserve

Kopetdag nature reserve founded in 1976, the area of ​​49,800 hectares, of which more than 46 000 - Forest, 3600 - meadows. Designed for the preservation and study of complex ecosystems, mountain steppes and mountain forests, and floodplain trees and shrubs - riparian woodlands.