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Türkmenistan'ın Enerji Bakanlığı

Turkmen energy is excess power, completely covers its own demand for electricity and in the presence of demand can be exported to other countries. All power plants run on natural gas coming from the gas fields of the country, used as reserve fuel oil and diesel fuel its own refineries.

Türkmenistan'ın Bilimler Akademisi

Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is a state organization engaged in work to ensure a unified scientific and technical policy in the country to accelerate the widespread introduction into the life of the latest achievements of science in the development of comprehensive and continuous and effective implementation of government programs of scientific and technological development.

Türkmenistan'ın Ticaret ve Sanayi Kamarası

Created to promote the development of Turkmenistan's economy and its integration into the global economic system, the formation of modern industrial, financial and trade infrastructure, creating favorable conditions for business activities, assist in the establishment of trade and economic, scientific and technical ties with foreign partners.

Türkmenistan'ın Maliye Bakanlığı

Ministry of Finance of Turkmenistan - State executive authorities of Turkmenistan, which provides the unified state financial, budgetary, tax, insurance policies, Auditing, accounting and financial reporting, and coordinates activities in this area other central bodies of executive power.