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Türkmenistan'daki Flydubai havayolu şirketi

Flydubai company was founded by the Government of Dubai and serves flights from the "Terminal 2" Dubai International Airport. Currently flydubai has a fleet of 30 brand new Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft and operates flights to over 85 destinations.

Firma "Ýyldyrym"

Firstly, it is not necessary to spend big money for something just to enjoy a day in the ride. Second, do not need to find a place where to place the purchased iron horse and how to protect from stealing if it is away from home. Third, bike rental, allowing you to take in the use of absolutely any model and brand, from simple designs to speed options.

Türkmenistan'daki Belavia havayolu şirketi

Airline "Belavia" - the leader of the passenger traffic in the Republic of Belarus. The basis of the airline based on the principle of creating a positive image, which is formed on the basis of safety, regularity and accuracy of flight operations, improving the quality of passenger service.