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Special offers from DemPromotion!
Special offers from DemPromotion! Special offers from DemPromotion! Special offers from DemPromotion!

Business card holders with logo - 25 manats.

Business card holder - mandatory accessory of a successful business man who just has to be stylish. If your jurisdiction includes tying new contacts and chat with people, you can not disagree with the fact how important it is to have a business card holders.
Card holders and cases for their own cards - direct participants in business communications. They are the bearers of the corporate identity of the company and its owners show a focus on effective business contacts.
«Dem Promotion» offers a business card with a drawing of your company logo via laser engraving.

Flip notebooks with logo - 7 manats.

Notebooks with the company logo - one of the most popular products, which are presented in the service of the order printing and souvenir products. Since the advent of written records of humanity useful information, not relying on memory. Our ancestors used this stone tiles, scrolls of papyrus, birch bark. In today's world, they successfully replaced paper notebooks, which prints can be ordered now with any design and logo. The scientific and political conferences, promotions, meetings and presentations - these events are traditionally the pads and the role of media, and as a nice souvenir. A branded notepads with logo - an excellent opportunity to stand out and be remembered.

Note paper «Post It» - 25 manats.

Note paper «Post It» - it is difficult to find something more original and more necessary in the office desk from any of your colleagues or partners. It is an indispensable accessory of the desktop and a wonderful advertising medium. It will be for a long time to be in the workplace, constantly reminding the owner of your existence. Above all, it's just a convenient and necessary thing. Most of us are occasionally faced with a situation where during a call there is a need to urgently secure the important information at hand and as luck would have no one useless piece of paper. Note paper «Post It» - this is an indispensable thing in the office and use them absolutely everything, therefore, developing a range of promotional products, be sure to pay attention to the paper notes «Post It» logo. Note paper «Post It» will be useful to anyone who you their Hand, and what better way to keep a reminder of himself than a practical subject in which your advertisement is shown.

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