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New products in DemPromotion!
New products in DemPromotion! New products in DemPromotion! New products in DemPromotion! New products in DemPromotion! New products in DemPromotion! New products in DemPromotion! New products in DemPromotion! New products in DemPromotion!

We have new arrivals and special offers!

Pen and USB flash drive in Swarovski style.
For a full, coherent workflow, each person needs a certain set of digital devices and office supplies. Among stationery, pens are the most popular, and to computer accessories, daily necessities, refers flash drive. Pen and USB flash drive in Swarovski style - one of the most affordable gifts VIP-class. Handle with exciting lines and sparkling crystals for those seeking something extraordinary. A stylish stick with bright crystals will be an excellent gift for the most discerning fashionistas. Due to filling many small crystals, pens and flash drives literally sparkle magical brilliance. Variety of colors allows you to choose the color that most will like the future owner. In order to make your work environment has become much more comfortable, the company «DEM Promotion» is pleased to universal product, flash drives and handles in Swarovski style.

Portable chargers.
The efficiency of the modern businessman and the quality of everyday life is inextricably linked with the life of their mobile device. True "assistant" can be discharged at the wrong time - in the middle of an important phone call. As a result - to disrupt the meeting spent nerves. There is a solution: the company «DEM Promotion» offers you a portable chargers for smartphones. I come up with a long time, and today is not a breakthrough in the field of high technologies, but their popularity has increased due to increased diversity of today's portable devices.

Metal phone holder in the car.
Almost every car owner is faced with such a problem as a lack of places where you can put your favorite gadget or mobile. Not every car has a comfortable glove box, where you can put your keys, phone or MP3-player. In addition, many people want to listen to music, but not everyone has a built-in radio with the modern drive for drive and USB-port. Car holders facilitate this task. They are designed specifically for the mobile phone lock.
Mechanisms allow the holder to turn the fixed device in different directions. It is very convenient. If someone on the site navigator want to see information on the screen, you will not have to remove the car holder and outweigh the other part of the windshield. It will be possible to fix the same MP3-player without any effort and enjoy the pleasant sound of music.

Pens with a company logo.
The fact that advertising is vital today, nobody doubts. Souvenirs is one of the most effective methods, the so-called hidden advertising and pens with the logo of the most common type of such advertising. Production of pens with a logo or promotional pens profitable shows part of the company's corporate identity. Advertising is a must, if only due to the fact that the goods and services market is crowded and ordinary consumers, it will be guided in the selection. Many companies are working hard on promoting their brand. It is for these customers is offered souvenirs and advertising items, such as pens with the company logo, which will be distributed during promotions.

Pen stylus.
Pen stylus that combines two useful functions, the ability to write and work with your tablet or phone, with the last - this is especially useful, since not all programs for mobile devices perfectly tailored to work with your finger, and with a pen-stylus Your actions will much more accurate. In addition, in the winter pen stylus free you from want to remove gloves to use your phone or tablet. Just pen-stylus will allow you not to leave fingerprints on the screen of your device, you will agree that too much important as pen-stylus never scratch the display.

USB-flash drive.
Agree, the ability to connect a USB flash drive (or even an external hard drive) to a smartphone, tablet or other Android device - it's a great opportunity, which in some cases can even be useful.
The need to quickly "lose" files on your smartphone and use an external drive with a deficit of memory, acute today. Particularly relevant it is for the owners of the flagship devices, lacking support for removable memory cards. Yes, and other users often necessary time to work with large files.

Magnifier of the screen of mobile phone.
Now hard to imagine a person without a phone. Moreover, many of them are replaced or tablet computer. If you frequently watch videos on your phone, then you will definitely enjoy mobile screen magnifier.
Usually, a long-view videos, pictures, articles on the small screen lead to eye fatigue. It should be eyeing and strain your eyes. But with magnifier mobile phone screen is more comfortable to watch your favorite movies on the screen, like a normal tablet.

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