Automation of accounting and tax records - 1C Accounting 8

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Automation of accounting and tax records - 1C Accounting 8

We offer you a wide range of 1C economic software that helps solve management and accounting tasks in different business areas.
We strive to help customers improve the efficiency of business processes with the help of modern solutions and tried a comprehensive approach to solving customer problems.

As part of an integrated approach, we offer:
- consultations on the selection of the optimal software 1C;
- consulting on accounting and tax accounting in 1C programs;
- supply, methodical and technical support of 1C products;
- completion of standard programs 1C for the client's tasks.

Our developed configuration on the platform "1C Accounting 8", allows:

1. Management:
- finances;
- Sales;
- purchases;
- a warehouse (stocks);
- production;
- Fixed assets;
- personnel, including payroll, etc .;
2. "1C: Accounting 8" takes into account the individual preferences of each user.
All accounting in one program: the ability to keep records of the activities of several organizations and individual entrepreneurs in one information base.
3. Strict compliance with legislation.
Accounting and tax accounting in "1C: Accounting 8" is conducted in accordance with the current legislation of Turkmenistan. The entire accounting is adjusted in accordance with the NSFR.
4. "1C: Accounting 8" includes forms of primary documents, accounting statements and tax returns in the Turkmen language. All forms of reporting comply with regulatory documents.
5. Everything is ready for record keeping.

We will help you to customize your business for efficiency!

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