Cinema and concert center "Watan"

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Cinema and concert center "Watan"

The outside facade of cinema and concert center placed a large plasma screen. On either side of the entrance - screens ticker announcing the program of cinema. An integral part of the overall appearance and the three-story white marble building decoration ornamental steel and other examples of traditional national decor, harmoniously combined with modern design elements. On the ground floor there is a large movie theater, designed for 494 seats and equipped with modern office equipment internet cafe and game room. Here - spacious make-up rooms, dressing rooms and a cafe. The second floor is occupied by administrative offices, and the third placed under the technical support offices, rehearsal hall, education center and studio, equipped with modern equipment and a special film projection equipment.

Address & Contacts:

str. Gerogly, 46 tel. (99312) 92-04-67/box-office 92-18-65