Ilham parkı

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Ilham parkı
Alley of inspiration Alley of inspiration Alley of inspiration Alley of inspiration Alley of inspiration

The main idea - to create a kind of means of monumental sculpture chronicles the history of culture and spirituality of the Turkmen people, which expresses the different facets of the national heritage: contemporary literature, classical poetry, philosophy, scientific thought. In the park are placed along the paths sculptures depicting prominent Turkmen poets, thinkers, scientists of antiquity and modernity. Among them - Suli, Abu Said Mayhani Mahmoud Zamakhshari, Al Farabi, Mahmoud al-Kashi Abu Ali Ibn Sina, al-Biruni, Sarakhsi, Jahan Shah, Al-Khwarizmi, Shamsetdin Merveri Mahmoud Palvan, Nedzhmetdin Kubra and Kazi Ahmed. The second part of the park is dedicated to the exposure outstanding poets XI-XIX centuries. Among them - Ahmed Yasavi, Yunus Emre, Dovletmmamed Azadi Zelili, Seitnazar Sadie, Kemin, Yusuf Khas Hajib Balasaguni, Nesimi, Fizuli, Alisher Navoi, Omar Khayyam, Nurmuhammed Andalib, Mollanepes, Annaklych Myatadzhi, Abdurahmanhan and Bairam Khan. In the alley, dedicated to outstanding personalities of the modern history of Turkmenistan presented busts Nazar Gullyev, Berdy Kerbabaev, Amana Kekilov, Becky Seitakov, Kara Seytliev, Kerim Kurbannepesov, Ata Koushutov, Nurmurad Saryhanov, Kurbannazar Ezizov and others. The special charm of the Square give numerous water cascades. On the evening lights and the music they make the interior of the park in the fabulous scenery. Also at the park are two cafes.

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