Badkhyz nature reserve

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Badkhyz nature reserve
Badkhyz nature reserve Badkhyz nature reserve Badkhyz nature reserve Badkhyz nature reserve Badkhyz nature reserve Badkhyz nature reserve Badkhyz nature reserve Badkhyz nature reserve

Badkhyz state nature reserve is located in the central part of the extensive Badkhyz Hillside, is the northern part of the foothills Paropamiz and included in the Hindukush mountain system. The west area is restricted Tedjen river, in the east - by rivers Kushka and Murghab, in the north gradually moving in the Karakum Desert. The area of 86 thousand hectares. Created in 1941 to protect the typical landscapes of subtropical steppes and semi-deserts. Steppe sedge-myatlikovoraznotravnye involving giant umbrella - Ferrules badrakema. On the ridge Gezgyadyk - pistachio woodlands (savannah type). Of the 600 species of higher plants - 60 endemics: tulip kushkinsky, sainfoin Horasan, astragalus agalitsky and others. At the reserve inhabited by 40 species of mammals, 250 species of birds, 34 species of reptiles, including: gazelle, Turkmen mountain sheep, wild ass, striped hyena , caracal, manul, leopard, cheetah, serpent eagle, golden eagle, Jack, Afghan litorinh, Boiga and others. Many rodents, lizards (in t. h. The biggest - lizard), snakes (viper, cobra, etc.). In the mountains - argali, Wild goat, leopard, honey badger, porcupine; griffon vulture nests, vulture, vulture, serpent eagle, rock nuthatch, and others. In Badkhyz has 1,050 species of vascular plants (442 kinds of 76 families), of which more than 75 species and subspecies are endemic. The jurisdiction of the reserve is the reserve 3: • Chemenibitsky - floodplain river (a summer watering wild asses); • Kyzyldzharsky - Piedmont (watering place of mammals and birds); • Pulyhatumsky (1956) - Piedmont (watering place of mammals and birds). Administratively, the territory of the reserve relates to the Akhal and Mary province, located in the extreme south of Turkmenistan. Protected area stretches 72 km strip from Kyzyldzhar ravine in the east to the River Valley - in the west, the bandwidth ranges from 5 to 22 kilometers. The central manor Reserve is situated in the village Morgunovka, 8 km from the city Serhetabat (former city Kushka). On nature reserve entrusted with the following tasks: conservation and comprehensive study of the unique landscapes Badkhyz; study of ancient floristic complexes, pistachio relict savannah, development of methods of conservation, restoration and sustainable use, the study of biology, methods of recovery and increase the number of Asiatic wild ass, gazelle, Turkmen mountain sheep, leopard and other rare species.

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Mary region, Serhetabat, vil. Morgunovka