Kaplankyr nature reserve

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Kaplankyr nature reserve
Kaplankyr nature reserve Kaplankyr nature reserve Kaplankyr nature reserve Kaplankyr nature reserve

Kaplankyr State Nature Reserve is located in the south-eastern outskirts of Urt, in the contact area with Zauzboyskogo area with Zaunguz Karakum and occupies most of the plateau Kaplankyr. With a variety of primitive types and anthropogenic landscapes nature reserve is a benchmark Northern Turkmenistan. The territory of the reserve is located in the north-western Turkmenistan, on the lands and Boldumsaz Gubadag District (district) Dashoguz province (region). nature reserve in the north borders with the Republic of Uzbekistan, western and south-western borders run along the administrative border Dashoguz and Balkan regions of the country. In the botanical and geographical terms protected area is at the junction of the northern and southern deserts. It is home to 26 species of mammals, 147 species of birds, 918 species grows higher plants. Protected rare animals: gazelle, Ustyurt mountain sheep, honey badger, etc .; of higher plants - Salt Khiva, Turkmen tulips, Antonina gypsophila, Karelin sand acacia et al., only 55 endemic species. The reserve also protected migrating here in the winter huge saiga populations of Karakalpakstan.

Address & Contacts:

Dashoguz region, etrap named after S.A. Niyazov, gengesh "Bossan", str. Vostochnaya, 13