Kopetdag nature reserve

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Kopetdag nature reserve
Kopetdag nature reserve Kopetdag nature reserve Kopetdag nature reserve Kopetdag nature reserve

Kopetdag nature reserve founded in 1976, the area of ​​49,800 hectares, of which more than 46 000 - Forest, 3600 - meadows. Designed for the preservation and study of complex ecosystems, mountain steppes and mountain forests, and floodplain trees and shrubs - riparian woodlands. The reserve consists of four separate areas, at altitudes from 700 to 2800 meters above sea level. The climate is dry, continental; is under the influence of hot dry air from the Karakum and Iranian deserts. Fauna and Flora - live here 68 species of mammals (including leopard, leopard, mountain sheep, argali, bezoarny goat, markhor, Indian honey badger, hyena, ligation), 280 species of birds (including the Caspian ular, kyakilik, pheasant, bearded, Shaheen, saker falcon). Since the late 19th century greatly impoverished fauna of Kopetdag not preserved cheetah, tiger, gazelle, wild ass, wild sheep urial. More than 960 species of higher plants (including elm, maple, olive, Caucasian hackberry, fig, plum, hawthorn, barberry, cotoneaster, almonds, ephedra). In the foothills of the steppe vegetation, at intermediate and high - juniper (archa Turkmen, more than 21 000 hectares), thickets of saxaul and pistachios. At nature reserve has 2 preserves: Kalinin (established in 1976) - the mountain; Mana-Chaachinsky (established in 1976) - Piedmont.Can serve as an excellent object of ecological tourism.

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Ahal region, from st. Archman to st. Gyaurs