Köýtendag doğa rezervı

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Köýtendag doğa rezervı
Koytendag nature reserve Koytendag nature reserve Koytendag nature reserve Koytendag nature reserve Koytendag nature reserve Koytendag nature reserve Koytendag nature reserve Koytendag nature reserve

Koytendag or Kugitang nature reserve founded in 1986, the area of ​​27 100 hectares, occupied the conservation and restoration of mountain ecosystems in the Southern Pamir-Alai, is characterized by a kind of physical and geographical conditions, and the original flora and fauna. In a protected area considered 22 species of mammals (markhor Turkmen lynx, white-bear, leopard, bearded et al.), 143 - birds, 21 - reptiles, 2 - amphibians, 1,000 species of higher plants, of which 40 - endemic. Preserved archaeological and paleontological sites - dinosaur tracks, caves Karlyuk and Kap Kutan. At Nature Reserve has 3 reserves: • Karlyuk (1986) - Karst (protection of unique underground caves, the world's only population Kugitang blind char); • Hodzhaoilsky (1986) - mountain forest (conservation of juniper Zarafshan, "Plateau of Dinosaurs" Markhor et al.); • Hodzhaburdzhibelidsky (1986) - mountain forest (protection of pistachio arrays). Karlyuk cave - a real realm of secrets, mysteries and eternal darkness. Rays snatched the lantern from the dark halls of his bizarre forms of stalactites resembling sometimes sculpture gallery. In the gorge of the Hodge-Sentry-Dere welcomes guests venerable old man - almost 800-year-old mulberry "Kyzyl-luck woman", decorated with lots of colorful patches that symbolize dreams and secret desires of travelers visit here. Up the canyon another miracle - a graceful waterfall Summul of life-giving spring water. In Kirk-Kiz-Dere - gloomy grotto with thousands of the same cherished shreds hanging from the ceiling, walls, and branches of trees nearby. In solemn silence steps are heard resounding echo, and it seems that revives an ancient legend about 40 brave girls, in whose honor and named the valley, ask God to turn them into stones, not to get all evil enemy ... Pearl Umbar Dere - the eponymous waterfall 27 meters high, the highest in Turkmenistan. Dara-Dere - all gorge gorges - the widest and longest (28 km). His watercourse feeds village of Bazar-depe and manor Koytendag Reserve. District Koytendag on the east of Turkmenistan for many years is the interest of scientists and tourists who come here in search of exotic experiences, not only from all parts of Turkmenistan, but also other countries. That there is only one "exhibit" of this nature museum under the open sky dress-up dinosaurs. Experts have found that traces belong hodzhapilskie long extinct reptiles - dinosaurs that lived in the Upper Jurassic era 150 million years ago. Now Turkmen "Jurassic Park" has about 2,500 prints. They belong to three genera previously unknown ancient bipedal lizards called turkmenozavrusom, hodzhapilzavrusom and gissarozavrusom. All were herbivorous, and turkmenozavrus hodzhapilzavrus - three-toed, gissarozavrus - tetradigitate lizards. Extraordinary beauty of this region have earned the status of natural monuments.

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