Khazar nature reserve

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Khazar nature reserve
Khazar nature reserve Khazar nature reserve Khazar nature reserve Khazar nature reserve Khazar nature reserve Khazar nature reserve Khazar nature reserve

Description of the boundaries of the Khazar region. Founded in 1968 on an area of ​​192.3 thousand. Hectares. The starting point is the pier in the village Ufra, located about 5 km. to the east of the city of Turkmenbashi. From here boundary runs along the shipping channel to the exit through the braid of Turkmenbashi bay, then turns to the southeast by Krasnovodskaya spit covering the bay Argi, Kyzyl-Su, on the spit Bekovich overlooks the island littoral. From them through the entrance to the bay on a direct access to the North Spit Cheleken crosses it to the water's edge of the North-Cheleken Gulf and on its shore envelope the entire bay, and then on the outer edge of the Gulf of St. Michael goes to Peninsula Darja, encircles the entire coastal area of the Gulf Balkhan goes back to the shore of the Gulf of Turkmenbashi. It is a natural complex of deserts, dry subtropics and shallow bays. It is included in the list of wetlands of international importance protected by the Ramsar international convention. The reserve is home to 18 species of mammals and 372 species of birds, of which almost half of the waterfowl that reflects its specificity (over 85% of the territory, the waters, bays and sea). Flora is represented by 360 species of flowering plants, even algae - more than 40 species. The task of Hazar reserve is to conserve the unique landscape and the ecological complexes of the Caspian Sea and its coast. On its territory there are over 600 species of plants and fungi. The reserve is a lot of birds, loons, sandpipers, cranes, owls, bustards. Wintering here fly tens of thousands of waterfowl, among which are especially noticeable coots, ducks, flamingos, swans different species. Especially colorful spectacle are flocks of flamingos that the blue background of the sea form a pale pink "island" with a length of hundreds of meters. It can also be seen and birds of prey - a huge white-tailed eagle and Pallas. Fauna is represented Caspian seal, and on land it Hemiechinus, hares Tal, jungle dune cats, foxes, gazelles and others. The main wealth of the sea - fish. In the waters of the Caspian Sea dwells herring, perch, roach, mullet, sprats, and sturgeon. Only in the Caspian Sea is found most valuable fish - beluga. More information about the amazing flora and fauna of the Caspian Sea can be in the nature museum Hazar reserve in the city of Turkmenbashi.

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Turkmenbashy, str. Bahri Khazar, 42