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BioFresh Cosmetics

Everyone knows that under Bulgarian cosmetics we mean Bulgarian rose. Numerous tourists are trying to bring a souvenir piece of sunny Bulgaria in the form of soaps or cosmetics with the smell of roses. In Bulgaria there is a famous valley rose - beautiful place, clean area with unique climatic conditions. But this valley is famous not only for its beauty. It was here that the famous rose grown "Damascena", which is extracted from rose oil. This oil is widely regarded as the gold Bulgaria. Raw materials for cosmetics Biofresh use only natural - is, first of all, essential oils, pure rose oil, lavender oil, exceptional for its regenerating properties, olive oil - great rejuvenator. The raw material is also used by the famous Bulgarian yoghurt. Actually that is only natural raw materials used in the manufacture of cosmetics Biofresh reflected in the name of the company - Biofresh. Certificate of Bio products are given to those products whose main ingredient is 95% of natural origin. Bulgarian rose cosmetics does not contain: dye; Mineral oils; parabens; Particles of genetically modified plants. And any compounds that pose a potential hazard to your health.

Exclusive representative of Biofresh Cosmetics in Turkmenistan - Entrepreneur Olga Nazarova Hodzhakulievna. Patent Series F №0040143 from 22.04.2011g. Beauty products introduced to the market since the beginning of Turkmenistan in 2014.

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