"Türkmenistan" Türkmenistan'ın Devlet Ticaret Bankası

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"Türkmenistan" Türkmenistan'ın Devlet Ticaret Bankası
"Turkmenistan" State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan "Turkmenistan" State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan

Bank "Turkmenistan", the following types of of currency transactions: Opening and maintaining accounts in foreign currency businesses and organizations of Turkmenistan, foreign and international organizations, joint ventures, as well as foreign citizens and citizens of Turkmenistan; Implementation of non-commercial banking operations (service in foreign currency of Turkmenistan citizens and foreign nationals); Opening and maintenance of correspondent accounts with foreign banks («Nostro» accounts), as well as open and maintain correspondent accounts («Loro» accounts); Operations international accounts related to export and import of goods and services; Operations with foreign currency in cash; Implementation of collection, guarantee, letter of credit transactions. Web Site: http://www.tnbk.tm/

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str. Gerogly, 79 tel. 99 (312) 92-07-35