Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan "Prezidentbank"

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Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan "Prezidentbank"

Services provided to legal entities:

Services at the box calculations

  • Opening and maintenance of current accounts in national currency
  • Service delivery of information and advice
  • Receipt and disbursement of funds
  • Receipt of cash received from the sale

By type and timing of annual interest for the loan, the operations are performed in the following areas:

For the purchase of apartments in new homes being built in the city of Ashgabat:
Mortgage loan with an annual interest rate - 1%, with a maturity of 30 years;
Consumer loan with an annual percentage of citizens - 16%, with a maturity of up to 2 years;
Credit for the purchase of computer equipment and software to citizens with an annual interest rate - 16%, with a maturity of up to 2 years;

Loans to related to the private sector:

  1. for production purposes from 5 to 10%;
  2. service and commercial purposes from 12 to 16%;

Loans to entrepreneurs:

  1. service and commercial purposes, the annual percentage of 14%, with a maturity of up to 2 years;

Pulling free cash:

  • Deposits, other than using percentages in the national currency and maturity 

Operations associated with coins of precious metal.

Services for private persons:

  • Opening accounts in national currency
  • Receiving investment in national currency
  • Bank transfers in national currency
  • Actions on foreign exchange
  • consumer credit
  • mortgage
  • Consultations on services to individuals


Address & Contacts:

str. 1932, 132 tel. (99312) 39-15-00/03/51/64