Türkmenistan'ın Devlet Tatbiki Güzel Sanatlar Akademisi

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Türkmenistan'ın Devlet Tatbiki Güzel Sanatlar Akademisi

The State Academy of arts of Turkmenistan is in submission of the Ministry of culture and tele-radio broadcasting of Turkmenistan.

The State Academy of arts of Turkmenistan has been organized under the decree of the President of Turkmenistan on January, 1-st, 1994.

    There are next departments in the State Academy of arts of Turkmenistan:
  • department “Painting”
  • department “Graphic” (pencil artist)
  • department “Sculpture”
  • department “Architecture and dizign”
  • department “The national art”
  • department “The history and theory of figurative art”
  • department “Teaching the social sciences”

These departments make the basic structure of the maximum art school. Basically scientific directions of the maximum art school are based on development of kinds of the fine arts, and also studying modern achivment and kinds of arts.

    In the State Academy of arts of Turkmenistan there is a preparation on 16 specialities. These directions:
  • Painting (miniature painting of Turkmens, machine-tool painting, theatre-decorational painting, figurative decision of the film, monumental paintist)
  • Graphic (printing graphic, book graphic, placard)
  • Sculpture (sculpture)
  • Architecture (the architector –restoration of architectural monuments, the architecture of monuments)
  • Design (design)
  • The national art (ceramics art, jewelery art, carpet art)
  • Art critism (critic)
  • Work of a center of science is defined by preparation of experts in the directions of art listed above at a level of the world standarts, and also definition of comprehensible new directions.

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