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Botanik bahçesi
Botanic Garden Botanic Garden Botanic Garden Botanic Garden Botanic Garden Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden is located in the eastern part of Ashgabat, on the territory of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, between streets in 2029 and Tagta. In the immediate vicinity of the garden located Institute of Agriculture of Turkmenistan.
The Botanical Garden was founded in 1892, when this place was organized Ashgabat specialized botanical station. Then, based on the station formed Gardening school named Kuropatkina, which laid the foundation for the future of the garden. The status of the botanical garden was obtained in 1929, and since 1951 he was included in the Academy of Sciences of the Republic.

Currently, the garden collected extensive botanical collection, representing a wide range of species known to science world flora that grow in the company, selected regionally on a specially created sites. Here, for each plant annually collect seeds, and in the autumn - planting and sowing. This fall, the seeds were sown dozens of different species of plants, exotic species which are in the phase of experimental studies, many of which have already given one hundred percent germination. The pride of the garden - is a rich collection of chrysanthemums, which was founded in 1936. She is currently represented by 200 species and varieties of domestic and foreign selection, over decades of activity Botanical Garden more than 30 varieties introduced in industrial floriculture. Currently, varieties of chrysanthemums on flowering periods are divided into five groups, where work continues with the most promising, has a high degree of decoration. Currently hothouse garden expanded its area, the construction of new greenhouses with a total area of over 200 sq.m. For many years the garden along its avenues were built picturesque gazebo and small architectural forms. In the park themed excursions.

Entrance to the Botanical Garden is located on the side (from the street Tehran).

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crossroads of str. Gorogly and str. Tehran