Türkmenistan'ın Bilimler Akademisi

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Türkmenistan'ın Bilimler Akademisi

In Turkmenistan, there are 21 scientific institutions, including 6 institutions humanities, 5 - conduct research in the field of agriculture and environmental protection, 4 - in geology and seismology, exploration, production and refining of oil and gas, 1 - in the field of chemistry and renewable sources of energy, 1 - the rational use of water resources. 4 In the Clinical Research Center of Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan conducting research in the field of health.

The structure consists of 34 high school science research center, which over the implementation of the research along with university professors and students work.

The total number of employees of higher education schools and research institutes with scientific degrees is 1041 people, including 149 doctors of sciences.

The country has developed more than 343 scientific themes, of which about 156 - run research institutions, 187 scientists from universities. Research aimed at the realization of national priorities for science and technology. A considerable part of them is focused on providing technological change in material production to improve product competitiveness of basic industries of the country. Research is being conducted mainly on the orders and at the expense of the ministries and departments.

Website: http://science.gov.tm/

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