Devlet şirketi posta servisi "Turkmenpochta"

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Devlet şirketi posta servisi "Turkmenpochta"

Under the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan The state company postal service "Turkmenpochta" offers express delivery shipments over a network EMS (Express Mail Service) in more than 98 countries that are members of the Universal Postal soyuz.Pri vospolzovanii this service, we will provide delivery of your urgent documents and goods in the shortest possible time. With its extensive network, established infrastructure, effective long haul, as well as cooperation with the World by EMS, we offer reliable express delivery to any, even the most remote corner of our country and around the world.

Types of express shipments EMS - Sending documents - Items with goods sent with goods can contain documents persylaemye goods.

Weight and dimensions: For international shipments, 30 kg. For domestic shipments, 20 kg.

Engage a courier at tel .: (99312) 20-01-48/49


Adres ve İletişim Bilgileri:

str. M.Kosayeva, 16 tel.:(99312) 39-89-36