The Union Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan

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The Union Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan

TUIE is a voluntary association, membership-based non-governmental organization for the protection of the general interests of citizens' associations - Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan and organized on a voluntary, self-governing basis to work together to achieve the statutory purposes.

The main objectives of TUIE:

- A comprehensive integrated development of Turkmenistan's economy, strengthen free enterprise, national industry, fair competition, social responsibility to modernize them on the principles of market economy, the protection of business ethics, property;

- To support economic activity, the highest social and legal status of entrepreneurs, social status and its business credibility, and strengthen to influence the creation of a decent life and favorable labor conditions of the citizens of Turkmenistan;

  - Harmoniously co-ordinate and develop the interests of the state, society and free enterprise;

- Develop market relations and unimpeded freedom of enterprise, protect the legitimate rights and interests of entrepreneurs in Turkmenistan, and entrepreneurs to join forces for the development of the national economy of Turkmenistan and improve living standards of citizens;

  - To achieve a harmonious coordination in the development and free enterprise and the public interest.


Address & Contacts:

av. B.S. Turkmenbashi, 81