The National Committee of Hydrometeorology of Turkmenistan

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The National Committee of Hydrometeorology of Turkmenistan

The National Committee for Hydrometeorology under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan is a government body which carries out the state policy in the field of hydrometeorology and meet the needs of sectors of the economy, defense, and the people of Turkmenistan for information on actual and expected changes in meteorological conditions and their negative consequences.

The main objectives are Turkmenhydromet:

  • provision of ministries, departments, NGOs and the public hydrometeorological information, as well as information on solar activity;
  • forecasting weather events, water content, enabling periods of sowing of crops, taking into account the state of the environment, yield and gross harvest of the main crop species, ensuring that data state and public organizations;
  • applied research in the field of natural sciences and engineering, the introduction of advanced science-intensive technologies;
  • Software in accordance with the existing international agreements of cooperation in the field of hydrometeorology and implementation of scientific and technical cooperation: the regular exchange of information gidrometeoro¬logicheskoy, including natural disasters, a single methodology meteorological observations, coordinated technology to collect and disseminate hydrometeorological information;
  • ensuring consistent way in the network; fulfillment of international obligations and interactions with the World Meteorological Organization;
  • fully ensuring the implementation of the legislation of Turkmenistan, implementation of the works for the fulfillment of state plans and projects;
  • ensuring the protection of labor, control over the creation and execution of normal working conditions;


Address & Contacts:

av. Makhtumkuli, 95 tel.: (99312) 93-81-58