Sanatorium "Mollakara"

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Sanatorium "Mollakara"

Mollakara - mud resort of Turkmenistan, on the parameters close to the famous Dead Sea. Here, too, the salt lake, by the way, radically changes its color depending on the season (from blue to red). Just as the Dead Sea, the basic procedure is the fresh air - a man walks into the sea without any problems rests on the water. Silt mud from the lake is considered to be useful in gynecological diseases, infertility and problems with the spine.
Sanatorium "Mollakara" round takes patients with impaired musculoskeletal system, nervous system disorders, diseases of the joints, arthritis, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, infectious, sciatica, neuritis, with spinal cord injuries, as well as patients with gynecological diseases, infertility, diseases of the urinary tract.

In the Center, along with mud therapy, physiotherapy and treatment of the brine baths are widely used hydrotherapy, underwater massage, herbal medicine, including the use of coniferous baths, as well as bath with medicinal herbs. A patient in a single season gets 9-10 and 9-10 mud treatment procedures of the brine baths. The effectiveness of treatment is enhanced when using the brine baths and mud therapy with taking drugs.

In the building housed a sanatorium complex advisory and laboratory branch. Facilities resort with modern medical equipment known companies «BTL», «Fazzini», «Mediprogres» will allow patients to carry out diagnostic tests and treatment. And in a sanatorium created favorable conditions for spa services by highly qualified specialists.

In the resort operates a specialized department for the treatment of diseases of the spine. The department for patients provided pool, rooms for mud therapy and treatment with salts, underwater massage, physical therapy, X-ray study, ultrasound, ECG, including clinical and biochemical laboratory. In addition, in the resort is widely used herbal medicine, including the use of coniferous baths, as well as baths with medicinal herbs.

Currently resort, changed its appearance and re-erected Update Package, new modern equipment and facilities that meet the requirements of the day, providing high-quality service of our citizens with the creation of favorable conditions for rest and treatment.

The sanatorium is designed for 815 people, including 170 families and includes diagnostic, therapeutic and children's departments, in addition placed compartments for topical applications of mud, dry vodomassazha, halotherapy, barotherapy, cryotherapy, ozone therapy. On the shores of Lake equip the solarium to restore health to the outdoors, its development received psammotherapy - treatment of hot sand of the Karakum and lithotherapy - hot stone treatments, as well as for holidaymakers provides 300 seats.

High level of comfort differ residential buildings. In addition, Holiday favorable conditions: open library, internet cafe, restaurant, chain stores, as well as an amphitheater, a beauty salon and other cultural and social facilities that meet modern requirements.

Address & Contacts:

Balkan region, near the settlement Dzhebel, tel.: (+993222) 5 66 1