Sanatorium "Bayramali"

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Sanatorium "Bayramali"

The resort "Bayramali" situated in an oasis on the shore of the Murghab River, near the ruins of ancient Merv. Local dry air found healing for kidney patients. In summer there is almost no rain. Due to this in the patient begins the natural processes that contribute to the improvement of a circulation and strengthen the kidneys. An essential complement to the treatments are Turkmen melons, grapes and green tea.

Sanatorium "Bayramali" includes two new five-storey building, each of which has 250 seats, and completely renovated in effect four corps, equipped with equipment-tion corresponding to the achievements of modern science to provide highly-tion services for citizens of our country with the creation of an enabling environment for rest and treatment.

Sanatorium round receives and treats patients with kidney disease, cardiovascular and digestive system.

In the sanatorium, has changed its appearance, newly erected and two three-storey buildings updated, each of which is designed for 90 people, the other two-storey buildings, each with a capacity of 60 seats and all 800 seats in the sanatorium, has created favorable conditions for rest and treatment . The sanatorium Holiday House of Culture provided services to 200 people, a dining room for 800 people, consisting of four rooms, each with a capacity of 200 people, as well as three-storey building to the wellness center.

On the first floor wellness center located baths, dentist, office inhalation and massage, mineral baths, sauna, swimming pool. On the second floor of the wellness center located doctors' offices, auditorium, classrooms, equipped with equipment for heating mineral wax and paraffin. On the third floor of the wellness center located rooms, equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, such as ultrasound, ECG, gastroscopy, physiotherapy, electrophoresis, including lab. Thus, in the sanatorium "Bayramali" created favorable conditions for recreation and health promotion of our citizens.

The recommended course of treatment of renal patients 36 days. Indications for treatment of patients glomorulonefritom the climatic health resort Bairam-Ali are diseases with sufficient or moderately reduced kidney function, namely:

  • Residual effects after acute glomerulonephritis, 6-8 months after the acute process.
  • The protracted acute glomerulonephritis (up to 1 year).
  • Chronic diffuse glomerulonephritis with nephrotic syndrome without ascites, massive edema, severe hypo- and disproteinomii.
  • Chronic diffuse glomerulonephritis with moderate hypertensive syndrome (blood pressure no higher than 180/100).
  • Chronic diffuse glomerulonephritis mixed form, ie, edematous-hypertensive form.
  • Chronic diffuse glomerulonephritis with isolated urinary syndrome (mild form).
  • Chronic diffuse glomerulonephritis with hematuric syndrome (without makrogematorii).
  • Chronic nefropapatii on the basis of pregnancy, connective tissue, hemorrhagic viskulita.

Contraindications for treatment at the spa Bairam-Ali patients with the following forms of kidney disease:

  • Acute glomerulonephritis.
  • Subacute rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis.
  • All forms of chronic glomerulonephritis with high blood pressure (above 180/100, macroscopic hematuria, renal insufficiency.
  • All forms of connective tissue with severe visceral, cutaneous phenomena, fever, kidney failure and blood circulation.
  • Acute nephrosis and nekronefroz.
  • Expressed amyloidosis and amiloidnolipoidny nephrosis with the presence oplenogepatomegamii, anemia, etc..
  • Diabetic nephropathy and mielomnaya.
  • Nefroaniioskleroz.
  • Tuberculosis of the kidneys.
  • Renal tumors.
  • Renal - stone disease (all types).
  • Hydronephrosis and pilonefroz.
  • Nephropathy pregnant.

Not shown in the treatment of patients with cystitis resort, pielitah, tsistopielitah and developmental abnormalities of the kidneys and urinary tract, conditions after various operations on them, uric acid diathesis.

Sanatorium spa treatment all year round.

Address & Contacts:

Mary region, Bayramali, tel.:(+993 564) 6 09 20