Sanatoryum "Berzengi"

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Sanatoryum "Berzengi"

Sanatorium "Berzengi" located at the foot of the Kopetdag 7.5 km away south of Ashgabat. In 1967, as a result of geological exploration of the vertical well "Berzengi" were taken samples of mineral water, which differed hydrochemical composition and had healing properties. From this moment begins the story "Berzengi."

Conducted in the sanatorium treatments using mineral baths, strengthen the body's vitality, enhance immunity and have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system of the person.

Its birth sanatorium "Berzengi" obliged unique source of mineral water, which consists of the main elements of magnesium sulfate, potassium hydrogen sulfide. The mineral content of water is very high and the water has a constant temperature of 36 degrees Celsius. The mineral water contains trace elements, iodine, bromine, zinc and manganese.

Vertical wells "Berzengi" gives seven liters per second, the daily volume of 420 cubic meters of water, in addition, in accordance with hydrogeochemistry mineral water is water therapeutic diet.

The use of mineral water for medical purposes is based on the properties of its hydrotherapy. Mineral water resort "Berzengi" is used in the course of rehabilitation of patients with non-communicable diseases.

Therapeutic and dietary water sanatorium "Berzengi" is used in chronic gastritis, reduced secretory function of the stomach and duodenum, chronic colitis and enterocolitis, chronic liver and biliary tract, chronic metabolic diseases, chronic diseases of the urinary tract, digestive and nervous system, -dvigatelnogo system, skin diseases, allergies, as well as in long non-healing wounds.

Sanatorium spa treatment all year round.

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7.5 km away south of Ashgabat, tel.:(+99312) 48 89 31