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Dehistan Dehistan Dehistan Dehistan

Dehistan - is an ancient city located in Misrian Valley. Now it is a lonely place with a lot of architectural monuments of history, and once it was a prosperous city with developed infrastructure. "I birthmarks hills Dehistan want to see" - wrote in the XVIII century, the great classic of Turkmen poetry Makhtumkuli, being away from home ...

The earliest traces of human activity in Degestane refer to III century BC. These lands were inhabited by Saks, efality, Massagets, Dahi, they created a large settlement in the area. Numerous ruins of a medieval Dehistan reminiscent of what it was urbanized area until until exhausted feeds his water sources.

The most outstanding monument in the area is the ancient city of Misrian, which appeared in the VIII century AD and lasted until the fifteenth century. Here you can see a well-preserved mausoleum Shir-Kabir, two minarets 25 meters high, and many dilapidated buildings, a beautiful pattern, covered with glaze.

The city's area is more than 200 acres, and was surrounded by a ring of walls, which are now partially excavated. In different parts of the fortress walls were several gates, which indicated the direction of the caravan routes from the city. This proves that the city played an important role in trade.

Now this area is a desert with a lot of historical and archaeological sites, most of which is hidden under the sand.

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