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Darvaza Darvaza Darvaza Darvaza

The word "Darvaza" translated from Turkmen means "gate". This gas crater located in Turkmenistan. People Darvaza was called "Gates of Hell" and "The door to the underworld."
In 1971, Soviet geologists had discovered an underground gas accumulation near the village Darvaza. After some excavations, geologists discovered a void - an underground cavern. Earth just gone from under his feet, and in its place there was a huge hole with gas - the diameter of the crater is about 60 meters, the depth of about 20 meters.
This was followed by a brilliant solution geologists - to burn a hole to accumulation of gas does not harm humans and animals. The fire had subside in a few days. But this did not happen.
Fire burns day and night for the past many years. No one and nothing got inside will not be able to get out. Fire torches burning inside the crater, sometimes reaching 15 meters in height.

Address & Contacts:

Ahal velayat, 90 km from the village Erbent