Old Nisa

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The fortress was founded by the Parthian king Mithridates I in the II century BC. For many centuries, the fortress housed the tomb of the Parthian kings. By the XVIII century fortress gradually collapsed to a state of ruin. The total area of the former fortress of 17 hectares and its territory is clearly there are several buildings, including the so-called "Round temple", "Square Room" and "Square House". Last served as the royal treasury, and after the fall of the fortress was sacked.
The main part of the fortress excavations carried out in the middle of the XX century, during which were found abundant evidence of cultural and everyday life of the Parthians, which allowed an idea of the level of their culture.
The ruins of the Parthian fortress "Old Nisa" located in the southern part of Turkmenistan, 18 kilometers west of the center of Ashgabat, near the settlement Bagir. Ruins included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

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At 18 km. Ashgabat, settlement Bagir