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Оld Merv
Оld Merv Оld Merv Оld Merv Оld Merv

In an era of civilization Margiana Merv oasis was already inhabited. This suggests that it existed even 3-2 thousand years BC. In this era the city became one of the main centers of Parthia. While its area is 60 square kilometers.
After the Arabs conquered Central Asia in the VII century, the city became the springboard for the conquest expeditions to the east and north. Over time, Merv turned into a book center of the Arabs. This was due to 10 libraries that have been located here.
Truly blossomed during the reign of Merv Samanid dynasty. This happened in the XII century, when Sultan Sanjar turned it into the capital of the Seljuk. Buildings in the city hit - they were magnificent structure in Baghdad and Constantinople.
But in 1221 the Mongols destroyed mercilessly beautiful city. Timurids made an attempt to revive the Merv, but he was not able to reach its former greatness.
Ancient cities of Central Asia is in the southeastern part of Turkmenistan. It stands on the shore of the Murghab River, near the town of Mary. For today old Merv - it ruins of which are UNESCO World heritage of all mankind.

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Mary region, near c.Mary