The State National Service "Turkmenhowayollary"

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The State National Service "Turkmenhowayollary"

May 4, 1992 was established State National Service "Turkmenhowayollary" - the largest airline in Turkmenistan, operates flights to over 20 destinations in the world.
Now the country's airspace is served by aircraft about 70 airlines in the world. Maintenance and coordination of these operations provides an automated air traffic control center. State National Service "Turkmenhowayollary" have their aviation training school, which serves a mechanic to service engines and airframe, avionics aircraft and ground-based air navigation specialists fuel, electrical, flight attendants.
In March 2013 opened a new Centre for air traffic "Turkmenistan Airlines' ticket sales. The three-story building located in the southern part of Ashgabat on the street Ataturk house 61. The building housed 30 ticket offices: 17 - on domestic flights and 13 - on international routes.
At present, our aircraft operate regular flights to cities in Europe and Asia: Abu Dhabi, Almaty, Amritsar, Bangkok, Birmingham, Delhi, Dubai, Frankfurt, Kiev, London, Minsk, Moscow, Beijing, Istanbul, St. Petersburg Paris, Brno, Urumqi also on domestic routes - between the capital and the provincial centers of Turkmenistan. The state airline daily transports within the country for more than three thousand passengers. On international flights annually transported more than half a million people.

Contact information:

744000, 3a, str. 2007 (Ch. Nurymov), Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Tel .: (993 12) 39 17 17/18/19/20
Fax: (993 12) 39 17 17

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str. 2007 (Ch. Nurymov), 3a tel.: (993 12) 39 17 17