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Francesco Illy entered in the history of the world coffee own page, opening up new possibilities unexplored of ancient beverage.
Since 1933, date of foundation of the company, the personification of the high art of coffee becomes espresso illy. The genius inventor Francesco Illy, in 1935 created the first automatic machine for espresso coffee - illetta, replaced by machines running on a pair of compressed air. So Francesco Illy invented the modern method of espresso.
For all lovers of delicious organic coffee - we have opened a cafe "illy" in the SEC "Berkarar." Here you can plunge into the most remote corners of Italy and spend time with people close to your heart and get the most out of what you next cup of coffee. Try authentic espresso and feel the full bouquet and flavor aftertaste, enjoy our wonderful cocktails with ice cream Italian-made Bruno Gelato and real Italian pizza, as well as European cuisine. You will be pleasantly surprised by the low prices, excellent quality and everyday gifts.

Attached to the culture of drinking espresso with us! And remember, that a good day is best to start with a cup of good coffee!

Work schedule: 10:00 to 23:00
For more information call: (99312) 49-96-69

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Address & Contacts:

Crossing str. 10 Yil Abadanchylyk and str. Ataturk, SC "Berkarar", 3-rd floor