International Oil and Gas University

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International Oil and Gas University
International Oil and Gas University International Oil and Gas University

Founded May 25, 2012 as the Turkmen State Institute of Oil and Gas, August 10, 2013 became an international university. For it was built a modern campus with the main 18-storey building, reminiscent of an oil rig. Eight faculties of the Institute more than three thousand students are enrolled in 22 specialties oil and gas industry.

Faculties and specialties for training:

  • Geogoliya, exploration and development of mineral resources (specialty: drilling oil and gas wells, development and exploitation of oil and gas mestarozhdeny, design, construction and operation of oil pipelines and gazoneftehranilisch; open pit mining; gilrogeologiya and engineering geology, geology of oil and gas; Geological Survey and search for mineral deposits, geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits; surveying; mineral processing).
  • Chemical technology (specialty: chemical technology of oil and gas environmental protection and rational use of natural resources; standardization and certification).
  • Computer technology (specialty: automated data processing systems and management; information technology software).
  • Construction and architecture (major oil and gas installations and industrial construction).
  • Technological machinery and equipment (specialty: machinery and equipment of oil and gas fields; refrigeration, compressor systems and machinery).
  • Energy (specialty: power supply, electric drive and automation of industrial installations and technological complexes, gas turbines and gas compressor stations).
  • Economics and Management at the enterprises of the industry (specialty: economics and management in the oil and gas industry).
  • Management (specialty: Logistics in the oil industry).

Address & Contacts:

av. Archabil, 8, tel: (99312) 39-13-70/74