Türkmenistan'ın Milli Spor ve Turizm Enstitüsü

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Türkmenistan'ın Milli Spor ve Turizm Enstitüsü
National Institute of Sports and Tourism of Turkmenistan

The main mission of the university is to achieve world-class tourism and sport, the study of international best practices in these areas, preparation of competent, qualified, have mastered the computer hardware young professionals.

Educators the National Institute of Sports and Tourism have honorary title "Master of Sports" and "Honored coach of Turkmenistan", and provide training for youth in 15 sports, including football, volleyball, basketball, handball, athletics, gymnastics, boxing, national struggle "Goresh" freestyle wrestling, sambo, judo, swimming, shooting, etc. Many teachers of the faculty members have been trained abroad (USA, UK, France and others.) and has successfully pass their knowledge to students in hotel and tourism business.
At university also operate educational courses in English and economics, the successful completion of which the certificate is issued.

Faculties and specialties for training:

  • Sports (specialty: sports, sports journalism, elite sport, physical education, recreation business).
  • Tourism (specialty: Hospitality, travel business).
  • Management (specialty: management of sports facilities).
  • Finance and credit (specialty: sports funding).

Adres ve İletişim Bilgileri:

av. Saparmurat Turkmenbashi, , 40 tel.: (99312) 22-65-37/22-68-61