Türkmen Milli Konservatuarı

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Türkmen Milli Konservatuarı

The history of the Turkmen National Conservatoire has its origins in July 1993, when as a result of the decision of the President of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat State Conservatory was reorganized into the Turkmen National Conservatoire. Today Conservatory is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Turkmenistan, and is directly subordinate to the Ministry of Culture and Broadcasting of Turkmenistan.


At the Conservatory, 4 faculties and 15 departments: administration, Office, Training Division, Science - Concert department, personnel and special section, maintenance department, accounting, musical - ethnographic laboratory acoustic laboratory, a laboratory of technical training, laboratory reconstruction and improvement of national instruments library, sector of manuscripts.

Scientific direction.

Scientific direction of Conservatory: the preservation and development of national musical traditions, to study the experience of world music and its implementation in educational and performing activities Conservatory.

Faculties and specialties for training:

  • Instrumental Performance (specialty: Turkmen music, folk instruments, piano, string instruments, wind and percussion instruments, pop art);
  • Vocal Art (specialty: the art of singing, Bakhshi);
  • Conducting (specialty: choral conducting, orchestral conducting, music pedagogy);
  • Composition and musicology (specialty: Musicology, composition, musicology on the history and theory of Turkmen music).

Adres ve İletişim Bilgileri:

str. 1984 (str. Pushkin), 22 tel.: (99312) 39-86-11/92-28-56