Company "Arvana Yshik"

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Company "Arvana Yshik"

The company "Arvana Yshik" is one of the branches of ES "Arvana" in the field of lighting, which was founded in 1995. "Arvana" - a modern, dynamic company with a large inventory, offers comprehensive solutions in the lighting segment. CW "arvana" is the official dealer of the largest foreign manufacturers as: Osram, Paulmann, Preciosa, etc.
Майн criterion for vendor selection of a particular type of lighting devices and accessories, for us is the quality of the supplied products. And thanks to this simple and immutable principle we constantly appears more and more permanent and reliable partners, that is what is key to our success in the lighting and construction markets of Turkmenistan. We employ qualified and friendly experts who have extensive experience in the construction market.

Shortly about presented brands:

The company "Preciosa" - the world's leading manufacturer of chandeliers and contemporary decorative lighting fixtures. The company supplies custom lighting for a variety of representative buildings, such as theaters, hotels and exclusive palaces. The tradition of chandeliers originates since 1724.

Company «ArtGlass» was founded in 1993 in the Czech Republic in Jablonec nad Nisou, known as the "city of glass and jewelry". Today the company is one of the leading manufacturers of traditional Czech crystal chandeliers In 2013 the company celebrated the 20th anniversary of its successful operation on the world market.

Enterprise is home to KOLARZ® Vienna. However, our lighting products are sweeping the world today, the company has KOLARZ® partners in more than 50 countries worldwide including Turkmenistan. 3,200 famous shopping malls in the world, engaged in selling lighting KOLARZ® for premises.

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Open hours: from 10:00 to 19:00
For more information call: (99312) 21-94-47, (99364) 02-48-14.

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Adres ve İletişim Bilgileri:

av.10 Yil Abadanchylyk 163, tel.: (99312) 21-94-47, (99364) 02-48-14