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Firm "Yildirim"

Yildirim - first Turkmens network rental, sales and service bicycles.

We offer following services:

  • Bicycle Rental top quality
  • Fast delivery anywhere in the city,
  • Bicycle repair to the place call
  • Sale of branded bicycles on request.

Bike rental solves many problems.
Firstly, it is not necessary to spend big money for something just to enjoy a day in the ride. Second, do not need to find a place where to place the purchased iron horse and how to protect from stealing if it is away from home. Third, bike rental, allowing you to take in the use of absolutely any model and brand, from simple designs to speed options. Many people prefer to resort to such a service. This is a great activities during the weekend, good warm-up for those who work involves many hours of sitting, and just for fun ride on flattering alleys, breathing the scent of greenery.

Bicycle rental will help you:
1. Save money and travel more. You can always be on time, because commuting by bike to work or study will help to avoid traffic jams.
2. It is good for your health. It is proved that regular exercise for 30 minutes a day: improve mood, increase efficiency (and hence welfare), raise good spirits and give power to stimulate new ideas and desires, continue your life.
3. Be in good physical shape. Ideal sport to maintain body tone is exactly bicycle riding. You will be able to prepare for beach season without much effort.
4. It is environmentally friendly for your city. Cycling helps to improve the environment. For example, cyclists of Copenhagen annually save the planet from 90 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

We constantly grow, develop and move forward. Freedom of movement!

For more information call:  +993 61 505708, +993 64 048057
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Address & Contacts:

st. 10 Yil Abadanchylyk, 148