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"Bakar" Design Studio - an advertising agency, whose main activity is providing services for the design of the interior and exterior, as well as outdoor advertising and large format printing.

"Bakar" offers advertising services to clients:

  • Design of corporate identity, logo;
  • Design of exhibition stands, displays, decoration stores;
  • The interior design of offices, living quarters;
  • The exterior design;
  • Large print, 360 dpi (printing on banner, paper, film, mesh);
  • Interior printing, 720 dpi (printing on canvas, film, banner);
  • Production and placement of outdoor advertising (billboards, light boxes, light volume letters);
  • Production and placement of advertisements within the premises;
  • Informative system (light boxes, signs, labels);
  • Installation of advertising designs;
  • Brendovka transport;
  • Light engineering (LEDs: modules, ribbons, lights);
  • Outdoor advertising on billboards.
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Work schedule: Weekdays 9:00-19:00, Saturday 9:00-15:00
Closed on Sunday
For more information call: (99312) 23-57-17 / 23-36-86 and 50-96-97

Address & Contacts:

st. Yerevanskaya, 6 tel.: (99312) 23-57-17/ 23-36-86