Hotel "Arzuw"

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Hotel "Arzuw"
Hotel "Arzuw" Hotel "Arzuw" Hotel "Arzuw" Hotel "Arzuw" Hotel "Arzuw" Hotel "Arzuw" Hotel "Arzuw"

"Arzuw" - recreation center of sanatorium type. It consists of a 12-storey five-star hotel, boarding house and 300 seats for adults and cottage for children with 600 seats.
Hotel "Arzuw" which occupies a huge territory, first meets you at the entrance to the National tourist zone Avaza. At the entrance to the hotel is striking green football field and a jogging track. Hotel building looks monumental and sublime as a developing downwind sail. It offers all possible services to its guests, staff ulybchiv and happy to help at any time. Meeting rooms are located in a quiet and secluded part of the hotel, where you can concentrate and fully surrender to work during a business trip. The apartments at very cozy and radiate heat. By choosing visitor single, double and luxury apartments, equipped with office and guest room. These apartments are perfectly suited business travelers. The center has various attractions for outdoor games and entertainment, including a children's circuit. The wellness center serves customers throughout the year.

For more information call: (+993243) 7-01-51/52/53/56
Fax: (+993243) 7-01-60 

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National tourist zone "Avaza"