National Museum "Ak Bugday"

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National Museum "Ak Bugday"
National Museum "Ak Bugday" National Museum "Ak Bugday" National Museum "Ak Bugday" National Museum "Ak Bugday" National Museum "Ak Bugday"

Museum represents three-storey building with a height of 21 meters. It is dominated by a giant golden ear of wheat in a frame of a double crown of smaller ears. Complementing the overall ensemble, harmoniously fit into the local landscape, it became a fountain complex, built in front of the facade of the building. The museum is located in an area of 32 thousand sq. meters, including more than 18 thousand sq. meters of garden and parkland. On the ground floor of the museum will house a conference hall for 200 seats, office, room for receiving guests and leisure museum staff, storage, telecommunications and information center, cafeteria, and other special areas.
The museum exhibition vividly demonstrates the deep roots of Turkmen agriculture, which originated as the scientists say, about ten thousand years ago. An important place in it is occupied materials on American archaeological expedition in Turkmenistan led by Professor Raphael Pampelli held at the beginning of the last century. Thanks to the expedition findings Pampelli it was proved that the inhabitants of ancient settlements, located under the modern Ashgabat for the first time in the history of mankind began to cultivate wheat and barley and bake bread made from white flour. The main exhibit of the museum can be called wheat, preserved in a layer of charcoal on the southern hill Anau and discovered in 1904 by the expedition Rafael Pampelli.
A memorable appearance of the museum is decorated in an eclectic style with a predominance of the expressive elements and roof of the building is crowned with patterns in the form of wheat ears. Wheat ears are also a key element in the design of the interior, where the use of similar stylized patterns created semiclassical atmosphere in the interior.

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Township Anau, tel.: (800137) 33-4-14/21