Sanatorium "Dashoguz"

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Sanatorium "Dashoguz"

Sanatorium "Dashoguz", one of the modern health centers of a new type, located in the district of Gurbansoltan eje in the Dashoguz velayat. Modern three-story building of sanatorium "Dashoguz" is designed for 200 seats. At the disposal of guests single and double rooms with all amenities, as well as suites. Here are created and excellent facilities for leisure activities: There are Internet cafes, an amphitheater, a fitness room, sports halls for tennis and billiards.
Operating rooms: radiography, endoscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound, electrocardiography, dentistry, gynecology, internal medicine. In addition, tourists have the opportunity to get professional help of the therapist neurologist, cardiologist, dentist, otolaryngologist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist.
Experts sanatorium "Dashoguz" effectively use a variety of high-tech form of physical therapy health care and evidence-based health technologies. Successfully apply ozone therapy, galaterapiya, aromatherapy, fangotherapy. To create a special program for SPA-treatments for people suffering diseases of internal organs, endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Physical therapy procedures carried out on the basis of traditional and advanced techniques. An indoor swimming pool with a casual and mineral water.
Source of natural water in the territory of the sanatorium was discovered during drilling operations group of hydrogeological expedition South Karakum. The depth of field - 1200 meters. The water temperature is 54 degrees Celsius. Medical water sanatorium "Dashoguz" classification of groundwater in accordance with the basic features of the chemical composition is considered to be iodine-bromine mineral water.
The rich variety of chemical elements of the natural mineral water resorts are widely used for the treatment of osteoarthritis, arthritis, arthritis, osteoarthritis damped joints, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, diseases of the peripheral nervous and endocrine systems, as well as polyneuropathy, mononeuropathies, and others. Because of the high salinity of water is recommended an outer dilution of ordinary drinking water.

For more information call: (99322) 09-10-96/98

Address & Contacts:

Dashoguz region, dсt Gurbansoltan eje, tel.: (+99322) 9-10-96/98