Mosque in Dashoguz

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Mosque in Dashoguz
Mosque in Dashoguz Mosque in Dashoguz Mosque in Dashoguz Mosque in Dashoguz

New Mosque is a complex of white marble buildings, is located on an area of 60 thousand square meters. In addition to the mosque, designed for the visit to 3 thousands of believers are equipped pavilion for sadaka for 1500 seats as well as the unit of auxiliary facilities. Also, three-story hotel is provided with all conditions for a comfortable stay at the same time 200 guests.
The building of the mosque with four minarets and blue-blue domes built in the best traditions of national architecture. Socle part of it is lined with granite. The diameter of the performance in a mosaic-style central dome of the mosque is 38 meters, height - 40 meters, and the height of each of the minarets - 63 meters. When covering the domes and minarets of the mosque used modern materials, are highly resistant to both heat and characteristic of the local climate cold temperatures of winter.
The interior design of the mosque used national patterns - have survived from ancient times to the present day, restored and supplemented by ornaments and mausoleums Nadzhimetdina Kubra Tekesh in Kunyaurgench. On the dome plotted ayats from the Holy Quran. Inside the building shades of of blue color emphasize national character.
Mosque admire the sublime beauty of the architecture and decor, on the adjacent territory, turned into a flourishing oasis, planted carefully chosen by weather and climatic conditions of the region seedlings of trees, shrubs and flowers. The complex area equipped with a modern lighting system and landscaped.

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