ES "Hyundai Merkezi Turkmenistan"

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ES "Hyundai Merkezi Turkmenistan"

Economical society "Hyundai Merkezi Turkmenistan" carries out its activities on the sale of vehicles on the territory of Turkmenistan. In order to saturate the domestic market of Turkmenistan, as a distributor, we systematically supply the latest development of the manufacturer: 
- cars;
- from March 2013 to begin deliveries of commercial vehicles of different tonnage, trucks, buses, concrete mixing plants, trailers and other vehicles, as well as spare parts and accessories.
Thus, legal and natural persons of Turkmenistan, as well as international organizations and foreign companies offer upgraded, compact, with a fresh design and high technical parameters, cost-effective operation and affordable Hyundai brand vehicles.
"Hyundai Merkezi Turkmenistan" has licenses, both for wholesale and retail trade in cars and spare parts for them, and for repairing cars and vehicles. The Economic Society guarantees the maintenance and repair of vehicles in its Service Center equipped with specialized equipment, including a new production cycle for painting cars. The service center is staffed by qualified specialists in diagnostics, repair and painting of Hyundai cars.
Taking into account the increased welfare of Turkmen citizens and the increase in demand for affordable Hyundai cars, HK "Hyundai Merkezi Turkmenistan" this year increases the supply of Hyundai cars with models in high demand.

Telephone for information: (+99312) 42-64-44; 42-04-24
Fax: (+99312) 42-96-66
Service center: (+99312) 76-16-44/45

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av. A.Niyazov 64A tel.: (+99312) 42-64-44