Alp Arslan adını taşıyan Türkmenistan'ın ulusal gençlik tiyatrosu

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Alp Arslan adını taşıyan Türkmenistan'ın ulusal gençlik tiyatrosu

For more than ten years, the National Youth Theatre of Turkmenistan named after the prominent military leader of antiquity Alp Arslan. The name of the theater and its youth status largely determine the thematic focus of the repertoire on the one hand, it is - a modern day Turkmenistan, on the other - the historical roots of the Turkmen people. And despite the huge time difference between the events, the characters on the stage with sophisticated actions certainly strengthens in the audience love to Fatherland. Especially popular among viewers of all ages enjoy the historical performances - centenarians in the theater dramatists Govshutgeldy Danatarov "Nusayskaya love" Nobatguly Rejepova "Gyyrat" Klychmurata Kakabaeva "Three Songs of the Motherland" and "Yurt". Each time the creative teams theaters, prepare Christmas children's performances tend to surprise their young viewers.

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av. Archabil, 46 tel. (99312) 48-11-13/box-office 48-11-49