Center weddings "Bagt Koshgi"

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Center weddings "Bagt Koshgi"
Center weddings "Bagt Koshgi" Center weddings "Bagt Koshgi"

Each side has the form of the Center for eight-pointed star and the central part of the cube-shaped building within which the ball - symbol of the planet Earth, set on large columns. Ball diameter is 32 meters, and its surface is a map of Turkmenistan. Interior decoration of all rooms is made in the Turkmen national style. Here are six halls for weddings and marriage registrations and three halls for events, two of which are designed for 500 people, and one for 1000. In the central part, on the ninth floor, is the most prestigious - the Golden Hall for weddings - "Shamchyrag." The Center has almost everything you need for wedding events. There are banquet halls, cafes and bridal shops. The Centre also provides services for weddings and their design, there is even a photo studio and a beauty salon as well as a comfortable hotel for 22 rooms.

Address & Contacts:

str. Bekrowa (993 12) 95-06-28