Bağımsızlık anıtı

Neutrality Arch - a monument that combines cutting-edge forms of expression, using the latest technology in the construction of the national and semantic load, expressed in the design and construction elements.

Anayasa Anıtı

The monument of the Constitution, built in the south of Ashgabat to celebrate this significant date - the 20th anniversary of the Basic Law in May 2011 - is one of the main attractions of the capital.

Ilham parkı

Alley of inspiration - art-park complex in the center of Ashgabat. The park is located between the two central avenues of the capital - Gorogly and Mahtumkuli. Total area - 57 000 m².

Park "Dünya Masalları"

In the park conducted children's holidays and festivals, theatrical performances, meetings with artists and filmmakers, cartoonists. For concerts here constructed a huge amphitheater.

Magtumguly Parkı

Park named after Makhtumkuli located in the central part of the city of Ashgabat, at the intersection of avenues Mahtumkuli and Neutrality.