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Gaplangyr doğa rezervı

Kaplankyr State Nature Reserve is located in the south-eastern outskirts of Urt, in the contact area with Zauzboyskogo area with Zaunguz Karakum and occupies most of the plateau Kaplankyr. With a variety of primitive types and anthropogenic landscapes nature reserve is a benchmark Northern Turkmenistan.

Kopetdag doğa rezervı

Kopetdag nature reserve founded in 1976, the area of ​​49,800 hectares, of which more than 46 000 - Forest, 3600 - meadows. Designed for the preservation and study of complex ecosystems, mountain steppes and mountain forests, and floodplain trees and shrubs - riparian woodlands.

Köýtendag doğa rezervı

Koytendag or Kugitang nature reserve founded in 1986, the area of ​​27 100 hectares, occupied the conservation and restoration of mountain ecosystems in the Southern Pamir-Alai.

Repetek doğa rezervı

Repetek Reserve - nature reserve in the southeastern Karakum Desert in Lebap 70 km. to the south-west of the city Turkmenabat around Repetek station. Area: 34,600 hectares of sandy desert. Elevation: 180-220 m. Above sea level.

Sünt-Hasardag doğa rezervı

Syunt-Hasardag nature reserve is located in Balkan region in southwestern Turkmenistan. Originated in 1977 as a branch of Kopetdag Reserve.