Social and Government services

Türkmenistan'ın Devlet Göç Hizmeti

State Migration Service of Turkmenistan is a government body capable of being regulated the migration system of Turkmenistan, the implementation of the state policy in the field of migration, adherence to international agreements of Turkmenistan on migration.

Türkmenistan'ın Enerji Bakanlığı

Turkmen energy is excess power, completely covers its own demand for electricity and in the presence of demand can be exported to other countries. All power plants run on natural gas coming from the gas fields of the country, used as reserve fuel oil and diesel fuel its own refineries.

Türkmenistan'ın Devlet Sigortalar Kurumu

The State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan was founded on August, 18, 1992. This organization fulfills insurance and reinsurance activity on the basis of license of the Ministry of Finance of Turkmenistan.

Devlet şirketi posta servisi "Turkmenpochta"

Under the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan The state company postal service "Turkmenpochta" offers express delivery shipments over a network EMS (Express Mail Service) in more than 98 countries that are members of the Universal Postal Union.